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  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • 36% Reduction in Delinquencies
  • $11,000 Saved Per Eviction
  • 33pt to 84pt Increase in Credit for Renters
  • A Win-Win for Renters and Housing Providers
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What's Included With Rent Reporting Services?

Reward Your Great Tenants, Protect Your Investment and Stop Chasing Unpaid Rent

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Ongoing Assurance

Report rent to the Credit Bureaus each month to incentivize and reward on-time payments. 

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Happier Tenants

A proven way for Tenants to build credit, a positive rental history and credit equality.

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Improved Returns

Reduce rent arrears while increasing consistent cashflow each month. 


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How to Report Tenants to Credit Bureau Canada?

Landlords can report Tenants to Credit Bureaus as one of the easiest ways to reduce their rent arrears and reward their responsible Tenants with good credit. Landlords can lower payment delinquencies by 36%, while Tenants have reported bumps of more than 40 points in their credit score in a matter of months. 

Let us look at why Tenants value good credit and how Landlords can help their Renters boost credit. At the same time, Landlords can improve their ability to run profitable rental businesses. Continue Reading

A Tenant Not Paying Rent is Stressful

Avoid the financial burden and stress of a Tenant not paying rent. Credit Bureau reporting allows Tenants the opportunity to include their rental payment histories as part of their credit reports. It also helps Landlords as it motivates and rewards timely rent payments and reduces rent arrears.

FrontLobby works with creditors, like Equifax, to provide a medium through which Landlords can report rent to credit bureaus. This helps Landlords attract Tenants interested in building a positive credit history, which makes them more likely to pay their rent on time each month.

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Rent Reporting Can Benefit Your Business

Rent reporting benefits for Tenants are obvious. Without taking on additional debt, they can boost their credit score and build a positive credit history. But as a Landlord, you may be asking, “Why does rent reporting matter to me or my rental business?”

Rent reporting services could be the feature that tips the Renter’s decision in your direction. It can certainly aid in the process of building a strong Landlord-Tenant relationship. By offering it to your Tenants, you establish a trusting relationship based on the fact that you care for their credit-related goals. This can help secure a steady cash flow, but furthermore, it can make your job as a Landlord easier—meaning less chasing, less screening and fewer evictions.

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Credit Bureau Reporting FAQ

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FrontLobby provides significant benefits for our Tenant members. Tenants can finally build credit by paying rent and create a Tenant Record to help them receive priority for future housing. Even if a Tenant is having financial difficulty, as long as they communicate with their Landlord and create a reasonable payment plan, they can still receive the same benefits.

In Canada, it is a well-established practice for Landlords to report debts to collection agencies and share that information with Credit Bureaus, such as Equifax and TransUnion for the purpose of collecting debts and mitigating fraud. Reporting to Credit Bureaus commonly occurs indirectly through collection agencies or directly by large Landlords. FrontLobby enables Landlords of all sizes to report debts to Credit Bureaus and to be involved with reporting positive rental histories to benefit Tenants.

FrontLobby’s goal is for all parties to fulfill their responsibilities, act responsibly and for Landlords and Tenants to benefit as a result.    

In 2019, TransUnion found that 73% of renters would be more likely to make on-time rent payments if Property Managers reported rent payments to credit bureaus. Rent reporting incentivizes on-time payments by making paying rent on time truly matter. For your rental business, this means realizing a steady cash flow and earning back precious time as you won’t be chasing down your Tenants seeking payment.

For a Tenant who has given consent, reporting to Credit Bureaus may occur if the reporting function is activated. Consent must be provided by the Tenant logging into the Tenant Portal, verifying identity, reviewing the Lease Record, and then manually checking the consent checkbox.

For a Tenant who pays on-time and does not owe money, but has not given consent, Landlords may use the Platform for their internal recordkeeping and management purposes. If the Landlord activates the option, then the Tenant will have the choice to opt-in by consenting to receive the benefits of reporting to Credit Bureaus (e.g. improved Credit Report, positive Tenant Record). If such Tenant does not opt-in by consenting, the Landlord may still maintain a Lease Record using the Platform. As long as the Tenant does not owe a debt, such Lease Record will remain in the control of the Landlord and only be used for the Landlord’s internal recordkeeping and management purposes and not shared.

For a Tenant who does not pay rent when owed and thus owes a debt, applicable legislation enables Landlords to report that debt without notice or consent under an approved purpose (e.g. to collect the debt). Late payments may be immediately reflected on the Lease Record and upon a debt being owed for 30+ days the debt may be shared with Credit Bureaus.

For additional information read FrontLobby’s Legal Framework

It is free and quick to create a FrontLobby account. FrontLobby provides an internal Recordkeeping platform with tools to report rental payments to Credit Bureaus, pull Credit Checks and recover debts.

Landlords or Property Managers can sign up here

Tenants can sign up here

No. As long as the amount of debt reported is accurate and only includes unpaid rent and unpaid utilities as outlined in the lease, then you do not require a judgement, ruling or monetary order.

If the amount of debt reported is accurate and only includes unpaid rent and unpaid utilities as outlined in the lease, then you do not require a judgement, ruling or monetary order.   
To report damages or penalty fees, you do require a judgement, ruling or monetary order. 
If you have or subsequently obtain a judgement, ruling or monetary order then the amount of debt reported using FrontLobby must be updated to match. Read More

If there IS NOT A DEBT owed by the Tenant, then YES, consent is required to report rent payments to Credit Bureaus.  FrontLobby recommends adding notice and consent clauses to all tenancy Applications and Leases (See Here). The FrontLobby platform requires a Tenant who does NOT owe a debt to login to the platform, verify ID, and check a consent box to report rent payments to Credit Bureaus.  If the Tenant does not login and check the consent box, the record will remain internal to the housing provider’s records and is not disclosed or shared with anyone.

If there IS A DEBT owed by the Tenant, then NO, consent is not required to report the debt to Credit Bureaus for the purpose of collecting the debt owed.  The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, which oversees the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), have stated that a creditor (e.g. landlord) can report a debt to a Credit Bureau without consent for the purpose of collecting the debt (PIPEDA Section 7(3)(b)). Read More

No.  Any suggestion that an order from the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) is required to report a debt to Credit Bureaus is not based in legislation or jurisprudence from the Courts. The reporting of rental debts in Ontario to Credit Bureaus has long occurred as a regular, established and accepted practice by collections agencies and larger housing providers and has never required an order. Read More

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