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  • Utilize Internal Recordkeeping
  • Report Debts Owed

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Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

Instant, easy to read, Credit Reports that include Tenant Records.

As Low As $9.99/Report

Rent Reporting (2)

Rent Reporting

Monthly Rent Reporting to the Credit Bureaus (Equifax and LCB).

20 Leases For FREE

Debt Reporting (2)

Debt Reporting

Recover rental debt from former leases with unpaid balances.

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“This is a fantastic value add tool that we’re excited to be using. As Property Managers, it helps to reduce our risk but the bonus is that our clients and our tenants gain just as much from it as we do.”

Jason, Vionell Holdings Property Management

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Screen and Reward Great Tenants, Report Rent Payments and Improve Your NOI
Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

Find the Right Tenant

FrontLobby provides Landlords with the tools they need to choose the best Tenants. Credit Reports from FrontLobby are easy to read, instant, and affordable. With an applicant’s permission to pull their Credit Report, you will receive:

  • Long-form Equifax Credit Report
  • Credit Score
  • Current and Former Addresses
  • Employment Confirmation
  • Credit History (tradelines)
  • Credit Balances
  • Collections
  • Bankruptcies
  • Inquiries
  • Tenant Records
Rent Reporting (2)
Rent Reporting

Motivate and Reward On-Time Payments

FrontLobby’s Rent Reporting tool allows Landlords to report monthly rent payments to the Credit Bureaus. Landlords who offer Rent Reporting help to reduce the time it takes for responsible Tenants to unlock and access future credit-related rewards. 

Responsible Tenants can opt-in to use their largest monthly expense to build credit and unlock the benefits of good credit. When a rental agreement is broken by an intentional nonpayment, the debt will be shared with the Credit Bureaus and will show on the debtor’s Credit Report. 

Debt Reporting (2)
Debt Reporting

Recover Former Tenant Debt

FrontLobby provides peace of mind for Landlords facing the financial stress of former tenant debt. Landlords can report rental debt to the Credit Bureaus for the purpose of collecting the outstanding balance. The debt will show on the Tenant’s Credit Report until it is cleared. 

Landlords who have been burdened with unpaid rent can stop chasing their former Tenants. With Debt Reporting, Landlords can inform their former tenants of the impact a debt has on their credit. Tenants with outstanding rent payments are motivated to contact you directly. 

For Tenants who wish to clear the rental debt but require additional time, FrontLobby enables Landlords to register payment plans. When both the Landlord and Tenant agree, a payment plan can be a win-win, Tenants can still build credit while Landlords reduce their tenant debt. 

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FrontLobby is a trusted partner for Landlords and Property Managers.

Landlords use FrontLobby to secure better renters, reduce delinquencies and drive operating efficiencies. A membership with FrontLobby provides Landlords with access to pull Credit Reports, Report Rent Payments to the Credit Bureaus, Utilize Recordkeeping and recover rental debt from former Tenants.

Our goal to enable Landlords to run more profitable businesses while helping responsible tenants unlock and access future credit-related rewards” Zac Killam, CEO FrontLobby.

With FrontLobby rent payments can be shared with Equifax and Landlord Credit Bureau and will be reflected on a Tenant’s Credit Report and Tenant Record. Landlords incentivize on-time rent payments and Tenants build credit.

Rent Reporting is one of the easiest ways for Landlords to reduce delinquencies and recover rental debt, while rewarding their responsible Tenants with improved credit. Rent Reporting to the Credit Bureaus can reduce delinquencies by 36% and significantly lower Tenant eviction rates. Tenants have reported 40+ point bumps in their credit scores in just a matter of months.

With FrontLobby rent payments can be shared with both Equifax and Landlord Credit Bureau and will be reflected on a Tenant’s Equifax Credit Report and LCB Tenant Record.

Good credit builds over time and requires a mixture of credit accounts. When rent payments are reported as a trade line on a Tenant’s Credit Report, they can build good credit and unlock credit related rewards faster.

Responsible Tenants can opt-in to see their rent payments build credit. When a rental agreement is broken with an intentional nonpayment, the delinquency will be shared with the Credit Bureaus and will show on the debtor’s Credit Report.

Tenant screening services are used by Landlords and Property Managers during the Tenant application process. A tenant screening service typically includes rental references from previous Landlords, a Tenant background check as well as income and employment verification, and a Credit Report.

Credit Reports from FrontLobby are the best solution for Landlords looking to utilize Tenant screening services. With FrontLobby, Landlords can access instant, long form Equifax Credit Reports that include credit score as well as a verified payment history and previous Landlords’ contact information from Landlord Credit Bureau. Tenant screening services from FrontLobby cost $10.99 for Premium members and $17.99 for Basic members.

FrontLobby’s Tenant screening service is trusted by Landlords and Property Managers who want an affordable, fast, easy to read Credit Report with no hidden fees, no mandatory subscription, and no added registration costs. Before a Landlord can start Tenant screening, consent from a prospective Tenant is required to pull a Credit Report as well as a Tenant’s full name, date of birth and previous address.

Many tenants want to build their credit through Rent Reporting. Using FrontLobby Tenants may invite their Landlord to report rent payments to the Credit Bureaus through FrontLobby.

If you received an invite from your Tenant, please create an account with FrontLobby. The registration process is free and only takes a few minutes to sign up. Once your account is complete, log in to view your Tenant’s draft lease. Review the details and click approve.

Tenants have the option of paying for Rent Reporting to Credit Bureaus and a Landlord only needs to log in every 60 days to keep their account active.

FrontLobby aims to facilitate proactive and positive conversations between Landlords, Property Managers and Tenants. When applicable, we encourage all parties to work towards a mutually agreeable payment plan.

If a payment plan is in place and a Tenant is paying according to the plan, no debts may be reported to the Credit Bureaus. Payments according to the payment plan should be recorded as being paid on time and the Tenant can use them to build their credit. However, if a Tenant stops paying according to the payment plan, the total outstanding debt may be recorded.

If a Tenant believes a debt is being reported when there is a payment plan in place, please follow our dispute process outline here. When submitting please attach a copy of the payment plan signed by both parties and proof of payment.

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