Helping Housing Providers and Renters Thrive

FrontLobby works with Credit Bureaus to make Rent Reporting, Credit Building,
Debt Reporting, and Tenant Screening accessible and affordable for everyone.

FrontLobby Works for Housing Providers and Renters

Housing Providers

   Ensure On-Time Rent Payments
   Screen Potential Tenants
   Lower Eviction Rates
   Report Rental Debt


   Improve or Rebuild Credit
   Establish a Preferred Tenant Record
   Unlock Credit Related Rewards
   Secure the Home You Want

How Does FrontLobby Work?

How Does FrontLobby Work?


Housing Providers screen and choose the best Tenants with $9.99 Credit Reports.


Rent payment data is shared with the Credit Bureaus (Equifax and Landlord Credit Bureau) each month.


Tenants improve their credit on average 33pts to 84pts and build the financial future they deserve.


Housing Providers decrease delinquencies by 36%, reduce evictions and recover rental debt.

Working Together to Improve Renting for Everyone

Working Together to Improve Renting for Everyone

Results That Drive Meaningful Change

Reasons to Love FrontLobby


Housing Providers

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1st In Canada To
Offer Rent Reporting


Provider of Affordable Credit Reports


Compliant With
Relevant Legislation

How Can We Help You?


Reward Your Tenants

Report on-time rent payments and help your Tenants build their credit.

20 Leases For FREE


Perform A Credit Check

Instant, affordable, and easy to read Credit Reports for Landlords at the best price.

As Low As $9.99


Ensure On-time Rent

Rent Reporting to Credit Bureaus provides Tenants with a reason to pay on-time.



Report Rental Debt

Reduce the time, stress, and costs spent recovering rental debt owed. 

No Hidden Fees


Build Your Credit

Improve your credit by simply paying rent on-time each month. 



Create A Tenant Record

Get the place you want with a positive rental history from verified Landlords.

Get Started For FREE


Improve Communications

Automated Tenant communications and reminders simplify your job.

Included with Premium


Utiilize Recordkeeping

Keep track of lease records for internal recordkeeping purposes.


Valued by Housing Providers, Loved by Renters

Why Should You Choose FrontLobby?

Housing Providers Who Use FrontLobby Get The Best Tenants and Improve Their Financial Stability

Decrease Your Delinquencies By 36% With Rent Reporting

Use FrontLobby to report monthly rent payments to Credit Bureaus (Equifax and Landlord Credit Bureau) and reward your great Tenants for their monthly payments. Those who are frequently late or have outstanding balances will be motivated to improve their habits. 

Renters Who Use FrontLobby Get Credit For Renting and Build Credit Equality

68% Of Tenants Prefer A Landlord Who Offers Rent Reporting

Have your monthly rent payments reported to Equifax and Landlord Credit Bureau. Start building your financial future with FrontLobby, a proven way to build your credit and gain access to credit related rewards. Finally, earn the credit you want by simply paying rent. 

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