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How FrontLobby Works for Tenants

Rent Reporting Helps Tenants Build Credit and Financial Wellness

Sign up for free, create your Lease Record and invite your Landlord.

Continue to pay rent on-time to improve your Credit Report and Tenant Record.

Unlock access to credit, better rates, and priority for housing.

Build Good Credit Faster

Credit Inclusion

Tenants who pay their rent on time every month should receive credit for it, but most do not. Historically, rent has not been included on Credit Reports, FrontLobby aims to change this by elevating rent payments to the same level as consumer loans and credit card payments. Rent Reporting adds a new tradeline to your credit file while demonstrating a positive payment history over time, both are factors that help to boost your credit score. As a result, every rent payment made brings you closer to your credit goals.

Get Credit for Paying Rent

Credit Equality

Traditionally, building credit through monthly payments has been reserved only for those with mortgages. FrontLobby wants to correct this inequality because it is unfair that millions of Tenants who make similar payments each month receive zero credit building benefits. Rent Reporting means a Tenant’s rent payment is shared with the Credit Bureaus and will be included in their Credit Report. If your rent payments are part of your Credit Report, lenders may view it in the same way as they would a mortgage payment, giving you access to the credit you deserve.

Unlock Good Credit Rewards

Financial Wellness

Poor credit, thin credit or no credit can be very expensive as most lenders do not want to take the risk and will charge higher interest rates as a result. One of the best things you can do to improve your financial health is to improve your Credit Report, which will decrease your interest expenses. FrontLobby’s Rent Reporting capabilities are liberating, decreasing the time it takes for Tenants to build credit. Tenants can take additional control of their financial wellness and improve access to credit rewards including better bank loans, credit cards and mortgage rates.

Our FrontLobby

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Jarrad, Tenant
Jarrad, Tenant
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Getting setup on the program was very easy, and when we reviewed my credit report after the first month of setting it up my credit score had increased 37 points. I was shocked it would have such a positive impact on my credit score in such a short amount of time.
Darren, Tenant
Darren, Tenant
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I just checked my credit score, and it has increased by over 40 points. Didn’t you just sign me up a month ago? THANK YOU!
Tara, Tenant
Tara, Tenant
Submitted to LCB
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Learning I could improve my credit by paying my rent just made sense. I am so happy I read about LCB and now I am one step closer to buying my own home.
Patrick, Tenant
Patrick, Tenant
Submitted to LCB
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My landlord signed me up which I am happy about. I never knew it even existed which I’m happy it does since my credit was average. Knowing it would help me grow it would be amazing. I’ve seen an increase since they have been reporting. I’m extremely comfortable with how they went and asked me about it.
Candice, Tenant
Candice, Tenant
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I'm asking my landlord to sign up for this currently (LCB)!! I've been paying on time and in full for 3 years, I'd love it to go towards my credit score.

Tenant FAQ's

FrontLobby rewards responsible Tenants.

Tenants use FrontLobby to get the credit and rental property they deserve. A membership with FrontLobby grants Tenants the ability to get credit for paying rent on-time, improved credit report, build a positive Tenant Record, and even skip the line when choosing their next home.

With FrontLobby Tenants can see an increase on their Credit Report of 40+ points.

We want to help responsible tenants unlock and access future credit-related rewards” Zac Killam, CEO FrontLobby.

With FrontLobby rent payments can be shared with Equifax and Landlord Credit Bureau and will be reflected on a Tenant’s Credit Report and Tenant Record. Landlords incentivize on-time rent payments and Tenants build credit.

As people build credit, they can gain better access to mortgages and qualify for lower fees and interest rates on credit cards and other lines of credit. These advantages allow for new opportunities and make it easier to accumulate wealth.

Building good credit takes time, consistency, and a combination of credit accounts with solid financial habits.

Historically, Tenants have not received credit for their largest monthly payment of all, which is their rental payments.

When rent payments are reported as a trade line on a Tenant’s Credit Report, they can build good credit and unlock credit related rewards faster.

Landlords often find themselves faced with multiple applicants for highly desired properties. In such cases, the deciding factor often comes down to something concrete and quantifiable, such as applicants’ credit histories. Unfortunately, renting to someone with little or no credit history can pose known and unknown risks and challenges for landlords.

This means many renters find themselves in a tough spot-especially those who are new to credit or new to the country.

Fortunately, a LCB Tenant Record allows renters to demonstrate a positive track record of paying rent even if they have a poor credit score. When landlords and tenants report rent payments to Landlord Credit Bureau Tenants can build a positive Tenant Record, allowing future landlords to evaluate prospective Tenants on more than just credit scores.

If you find any inaccuracies on your Landlord’s internal records or other information submitted to the Credit Bureaus through FrontLobby, please complete our dispute form and submit it to

The dispute form with instructions can be found here.

Alternatively, if you have concerns regarding details on your Credit Report that are not related to rental data or believe you have been the victim of Identity Theft or Fraud, please reach out to the appropriate Credit Bureau directly.

For individuals in the US, you can read more about your rights under the FCRA here.

Additional details from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau can be found here.

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